Vulture Strike is a shooting game in the style of the most classic and iconic arcade titles. In addition to shooting and avoiding an innumerable amount of bullets, you have the ability to travel between 2 parallel timelines whenever you want, which opens an infinite amount of different paths to try. Available only on PC.


Use the Wormhole mechanic to avoid obstacles

Travel freely between 2 parallel timelines to survive.

Visions allow you to use the Wormhole mechanic carefully

Colorful silhouettes around your ship indicate the dangers in the parallel timeline. Close attention must be paid before using the Wormhole mechanic or you might find yourself in a more dangerous situation than the one you are trying to escape from!

When holding down the Expand Vision button, your vision range will be expanded.

Increase your score by taking high risks

By putting yourself in dangerous situations right before opening a Wormhole, your score multiplier will increase greatly, allowing you to sum impressive amounts of points. The Frenzy gauge will be filled accordingly each time you open a Wormhole, and when it is completely  filled, Frenzy Mode will be activated for a limited time.

Minimum requirements (60FPS, 720p):

Intel i3, 3.1GHz


Radeon HD 6770


Windows Vista

Recommended system (60FPS, 1080p):

AMD a8, 3.6GHz


Radeon R7 200


Windows 7

Game pad


The last of the Amphisbaena's premonitions has become a reality: after 500.000 years holding the Pillars of Creation, both of it's heads are showing signs of weakness and seem to no longer be able to keep the balance between dimensions. Agartha and Kitezh, the heads of the Amphisbaena, might at any time exhaust their remaining strength and leave all of existence hanging on the verge of extinction.

Unusually distorted areas of spacetime around the Iberian peninsula have become the starting point of the imminent collapse, and people in the affected area have quickly developed what is believed to be the last and only hope: the machine that is able to pierce through the barriers of reality and travel freely between parallel timelines. They named it The Vulture, after an innumerable amount of prophetic birds covered the skies as it's development finished.

It is mandatory to get The Vulture to the core of the unstable area and let it deliver the required energy to the Amphisbaena.