Rules of the game

  • There are 2 parallel timelines in the game, and you can either be in one or the other, never in both at the same time; the same applies to enemy bullets and ships. This means that only objects that exist in the same timeline can interact with one another. Bullets in the first timeline cannot destroy your ship if you are in the second timeline.
  • You can go from one timeline of the game to the other using the Wormhole mechanic as often and as many times as you want. However, be warned that using the mechanic carelessly will have a negative impact on your score.
  • The Visions system allows you to get a simplified and partial sight of what is going on on the other timeline of the game. Visions are shown as colorful silhouettes around your ship, you can choose which color you want the visions to be in the settings menu. Visions themselves will not destroy your ship if you stay in one of the timelines, but it is imperative to pay attention to them when you are planning to use the Wormhole mechanic. When you are surrounded by visions, the probabilities of dying soon after opening a Wormhole are high. As you go further into the game and the difficulty rises, the safe spots in the screen become narrower and narrower.
  • Opening a Wormhole and appearing right in the place of an obstacle will get your ship destroyed. The Visions system should keep you from carelessly opening Wormholes.
  • There is only one requirement to successfully complete a level: destroy the level boss enemy. Boss enemy fights have a time limit; if said limit is reached, you will lose a life and advance to the next level when you still have spare lives, otherwise it's game over.
  • You have a limited amount of lives, your score will be accumulated as long as you don't use all of your lives and get a "Game Over" screen. When you lose all of your lives and get to the "Game Over" screen, you can restart the level in which you died but your score will be reset. Extra lives can be obtained whenever you sum additional 1.00.000 points to your total score.
  • You have an unlimited amount of bullets, and you can open a Wormhole as many times as you need.
  • The Wormhole mechanic is vital, you are not expected to complete the levels without using it.
  • You can enter Frenzy mode when you completely fill the Frenzy gauge. The Frenzy gauge will be filled gradually each time you open a Wormhole; how much it is filled each time depends on the multiplier you get after using the Wormhole. Frenzy mode will be activated for a limited amount of time. If you manage to re-fill the Frenzy gauge while in Frenzy mode, you will have access to the strongest attack in the game and the highest possible multiplier for a limited time.

High score strategies

The most important aspect you need to pay attention to if you want to get high scores is the multiplier. When you start a new game, the multiplier will always be set to 1, and it will reset to a new number each time you open a Wormhole. The new number will be directly related to the amount of dangerous elements that were close to your ship at the moment you opened the Wormhole, and the proximity of said objects to your ship. The number that changes constantly in real time to the left of the multiplier shows you what multiplier would you get if you opened a Wormhole at that exact moment. Each time you get a new multiplier, your Frenzy gauge will be filled accordingly.

When the Frenzy gauge gets completely filled, you will enter Frenzy Mode automatically. While in Frenzy Mode, you will get a fixed multiplier (x666) and a more powerful shot. Frenzy Mode will only last a few seconds, but if you manage to entirely fill the Frenzy gauge again in that time, you will enter Apocalypse Mode. If you don't manage to enter Apocalypse mode, the Frenzy gauge will be completely depleted when Frenzy Mode ends.

Whenever you destroy an enemy ship, a set amount of points (depending on the type of ship you destroyed) will be first multiplied by the multiplier and then added to your total score, shown to the right of the multiplier.

You should avoid opening a Wormhole when there are no enemies or bullets around you, or the multiplier will be reset to a small number or even to 0.

Score is not reset nor diminished when lives are lost (except when you lose your last life).

Shooting enemies without destroying them will not give you points, this is specially important to consider when you are confronting enemies with large amount of hit points.

Minimum requirements (60FPS, 720p):

Intel i3, 3.1GHz


Radeon HD 6770


Windows Vista

Recommended system (60FPS, 1080p, max settings):

AMD a8, 3.600GHz


Radeon R7 200


Windows 7

Game pad

The opening menu scene works as a performance test and has a frame-rate counter at the upper right corner. If you see a number that is below 60, you will need to tweak the graphic settings in the Settings menu until you get it to 60. It is recommended to lower the rendering resolution from 1080p to 720p if you are having trouble achieving this. 

Playing the game with a game-pad is recommended; however, you can use almost any device you prefer if you properly set it up in the input settings menu. Unexpected or badly configured input settings might hinder your ability to navigate the menu, but the mouse can always be used in such cases to navigate the menu and get you to the input configuration screen.

The game will always be rendered at resolutions with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Events in the game are tied to the frame-rate, this means that the game will run slower if your hardware is struggling with the game, it also means that no frame will be skipped.